Squirrel Control Services in Dutchess County NY

Squirrel control services – getting squirrels out of your Dutchess County NY property

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One of the main complaints with squirrels which we hear from our customers is the noise. Our squirrel control customers in Dutchess County, NY will hear noises within their homes, usually at sunrise. This is because squirrels are early risers and as soon as it gets light they will begin to scurry, looking for their morning food. Sometimes, you will be able to detect their point of entry point from the outside – you’ll see a hole where squirrels are finding their way into your home – but we find that most people discover the the first signs of a squirrel situation are alerted by the irritating noise first thing in the morning.

When customers in Dutchess County, NY call us, we will ask a series of questions in order to determine what type of squirrel control maybe required. It’s ideal if you the customer can detail what time of day you are hearing noises, how long noises have been occurring and the location of the noise in your home or building. This will help us decide the most effective plan.

The Importance of Squirrel Control

squirrel on fenceThe main reason squirrels will enter buildings is for shelter and nesting. Squirrels in Dutchess County, NY will have litters of babies in the spring and again in the fall, and will commonly end up in the attics of buildings. Now if you do not implement squirrel rodent control the first instance you identify a squirrel situation, you will most likely find that the population of squirrels living in or around your building will grow continually. The reason is each new litter upon growing up and leaving the nest will start to look for other spots in which they can build their own nests, which will often be in other areas of your building.  If squirrels are ignored, we may end up finding squirrel holes in every corner of your home.

When squirrels invade your home or business unfortunately they can cause a significant amount of damage. When living inside a property they will normally chew wires as well as destroying the insulation in attics and walls. As for the exterior of a building squirrels will typically damage siding, gutters as well as any construction gaps which they damage when chewing holes to gain access inside.

We find the most effective method  to control squirrels is to trap them. Eastern Pest Management’s pest control will set traps to catch the squirrels around your home or business. After we will monitor each and every hole to make certain no squirrels still entering and leaving your property. After we’ve removed all of the squirrels we will then seal each entry point.

Eastern Pest Management Pest Control have the expertise to control squirrels in your Dutchess County NY home or buildings, be sure to contact us if you suspect a rodent control situation.